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Our E-waste recycling service accept a wide variety of e-waste such as: desktops, laptops, servers, pads, mobile phones, monitors, printers,  handheld devices, PSU, switches, TVs, modems, speakers, batteries, USB devices, and all IT accessories


One-Stop Electronic Waste Recycling Services

SPC eCycle is an E-waste recycling company that provides care-free E-cycling solutions to all of our customers. We not only offer computer recycling services but also recycle all other electronic devices and are based in Sydney & Melbourne. 

Whether you are an IT equipment manufacturer, IT service provider, or a residential customer, you can simply just give us a call, tell us about your E-waste, and requirements, set a shipment date, and we will take care of the rest.

e waste recycling ISO certificate 5377 Starch hydrolysis products
e waste recycling ISO certificate 14001 Environmental management systems


Our fast, cost-effective, and professional service can help you to meet waste regulation requirements, your business budget, data privacy policies, and help to save the planet. We are more than happy to tailor your E-waste solution

E-Waste Recycling

We recycle ethically, legally and help you to meet environmental regulations, achieve your business goals, and promote your business image by being environmentally friendly.

E-waste Disposal

We erase data from all storage media both on-site and off-site, Ensure secure disposal with Software / Physical data destruction. Data destruction certificate provided upon request.

Drop-Off & Pickup

We offer free drop-off services and cost-effective pickup services on all e-waste. You can simply send an enquiry or give us a call for the latest shipping availability in your area.

E-waste Solution

We offer flexible solutions tailored to your business requirements, including IT manufacturers, IT service companies, government agencies, schools, and so on.

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Feel free to contact us about your E-Waste, privacy requirements, and required timeframe, and let us do the rest of the work

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At SPC eCycle, we care about your data security, business requirement, and environmental conservation, and we truly believe that —

Together, we can make a difference through recycling

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